One-of-a-kind research center will inform public about who politicians ‘really are’

Sep 18 2017
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Originally published on the Badger Herald

Cited as the first of its kind, the Center for Political Leadership in Government, Politics and Public Policy looks to educate the Wisconsin public about their government.

Launched February in Oneida, Wisconsin, the center will officially begin its first project this March analyzing the 2016 presidential race. The center looks at data to measure communication in political leadership and policy.

Terri McCormick, the center’s chief thought leader, said her doctoral dissertation expanded into the center. She said the center will conduct research to give the public information on how political actors and politicians behave.

“We are aligning whether or not a candidate can be trusted, whether or not they have compassion for the American public, whether or not they will put America’s interest before their own interests and what are those other interests,” McCormick said.

The center aims to research behavior to increase political accountability. McCormick said it will help uncover who politicians “really are.” She said the center will…continue reading on the Badger Herald.